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Nepal is one of the world’s most popular adventure destinations. Situated between great countries like India, China, Tibet and Bhutan, Nepal is the start off point for every great journey. This small Himalayan kingdom lived isolated from the outside world for centuries, leaving the rich and diverse nature of the country untouched. From the green terraced foothills and jungle to the white rivers and massive mountains, Nepal offers it al. Opened to foreigners in the recent past; the country is now very accessible for travelers who wish to enjoy Nepal to the fullest. The options in Nepal are large and…


This small country lying in the shadows of the Himalaya range gives you access to the beauty and serenity that is called the roof of the world. The country itself expands for thousands of kilometers into the central part of Asia. From wide open spaces to dangerous mountains, Tibet offers it all. Tibet has always fascinated mankind and has always been a country of great mystery. Because of its many years of inaccessibility, the outside world could never really get a full understanding of what the country had to offer. Now that this autonomous region of China has become easier…


The peaceful mountain country of Bhutan, also known as “Land of the Peaceful Dragon”, is situated in the eastern part of the Himalaya. With Tibet to the north and India to the south, Bhutan is situated in a great and cultural area. Within its own borders, Bhutan forms a staircase to the land of Sangri-La. With green grass on the plains and forest all the way up to the highest and most impressive peaks on earth. In between you will find both semi-tropical and alpine forests. The population of Bhutan lived in isolation from the rest of the world and…

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