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Jerry Maxwell

I went to Nepal with the idea to do some trekking and relaxing in Pokhara. I heard so many things about Nepal, that I got really curious. I didn’t make any concrete plans and told Rajendra (manager of Api Himal) that I wanted to decide while I was there. They gave me the idea of helping out in an orphanage till I made up my mind for the trek. That sounded good to me, although I didn’t really knew what to expect. It turned out that Api Himal sponsors an orphanage in Kathmandu, so I was in touch with the same family who runs the agency as well as the orphanage. I spend one week in the orphanage, having a great time with the kids and other volunteers. One of the volunteers told me about his Poon Hill trek, a short trek but with an amazing view in the end. That sounded good to me and I arranged all the necessary things with the manager of Api Himal. Two days later I was underway and ready to explore the mountains. I had a great trek as a result and met some good people from all over the world on my way. The guide was also a great guy with good knowledge of the surroundings and told me some good stories about his previous treks. So the friendly people, orphanage experience and Poon Hill view made my trip a amazing experience!

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