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Christiaan van Doorn

I did my share of trekking through many countries and was very excited about doing a trek in Nepal. Since this should be THE country for such things, I had really high hopes. Many friends reccomended Annapurna to me, but because they all did it, I didn’t want to do it anymore (call it a Dutch thing). Rajendra and his guides informed me about the Mustang area and the possible treks. Finally I did a 20 (around that number I think) days trek to this dry region and was amazed about the difference between this area and the photos shown to me from the Annapurna region. I did not expect this much of difference in one country between the possible trek routes. All with all I had a very good time here in Nepal and I would like to thank Rajendra, Bijendra, Dinesh and all the others who helped me at Api Himal! Maybe next year I’ll come back and do the Annapurna one also!

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