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Api Himal Treks & Expedition is a government authorized trekking agency and provides a full range of trekking and travel packages for visitors to Nepal. The owner of Api Himal started out as a porter, working his way up to becoming a guide and finally he took his 10 years of experience and started his own company. Now Api Himal is a company which operates travel and trekking packages in a very family friendly environment. For beginners and professionals, loners and families, Api Himal can provide you with the right program.

Api Himal works closely with the associated organization “OCEAN Nepal”. This organization supports a children’s home in Kathmandu by donating 25% of its profits to the benefit of these children. Even though we sponsor this project, Api Himal can still offer you the best prices in the market.

Api Himal welcomes you to Nepal!

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I went to Nepal with the idea to do some trekking and relaxing in Pokhara. I heard so many things about Nepal, that I got really curious. I didn't make any concrete plans and told Rajendra (manager of Api Himal) that I wanted to decide while I was there. They gave me the idea of helping out in an orphanage till I made up my mind for the trek. That sounded good to me, although I didn't really knew what

I did my share of trekking through many countries and was very excited about doing a trek in Nepal. Since this should be THE country for such things, I had really high hopes. Many friends reccomended Annapurna to me, but because they all did it, I didn't want to do it anymore (call it a Dutch thing). Rajendra and his guides informed me about the Mustang area and the possible treks. Finally I did a 20 (around that number I

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